Dre Stone

Dre Stone started writing and producing music at the age of 14 and recorded his first song at the age of 15.. He moved from his hometown San Diego at the age of 16 to Las Vegas. There he continued his passion for music and production. He went on to make 3 mixtapes throughout highschool and 4 mixtapes after highschool.
Dre Stone is one of the pioneers of the decca league foundation and the “mixtape hustle”. Not only does Dre Stone produce and compose his own music but he also handles all business pertaining to the name, Dre Stone. He is a very talented artist and has a very unique style with a westcoast hyphy funk twist. Dre Stone promises to continue his passion and love for music and will eventually be the most influential music artist in the industry. With that title in which Dre Stone hopes to obtain he will strive to make positive influences and provide jobs within his movement. He has performed in over 20 shows in cities such as Seattle, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Phoenix.

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Take a minute and check out
The Stoner Chronicles:

This specific project took a lot of time and hard work to prepare and distribute. After 6 years of mix tapes this is the 1st album. Coming from the gang infested streets of San Diego emerges a bright young man who only bangs Blunt Gang. This album is a classic and holds alot of powerful messages as well as an insight to the mind of a business inclined stoner.

Below is some of Dre’s tapes and works check it out

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